Fragile X Research Foundation of Canada

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I first became aware of Fragile X, when my grandson, Samuel, was diagnosed several years ago, full mutation. Along with his parents and younger siblings, I remain very engaged in Sam’s life, which is one of my great joys. He’s now 10 years old.

David Mitchell
Board President

I joined the board of directors of the Fragile X Research Foundation of Canada a couple of years ago and have been serving as president for more than a year now.

As a former elected representative (MLA in B.C.) and political historian, I have been a long-time, “political junkie,” publishing books, and writing commentaries on Canadian politics and public policy.

Some might be surprised to know that I am also a fledgling cellist (absolute beginner) studying at the Conservatory of Music at Mount Royal University in Calgary.

When not fulfilling my favorite role as a doting grandfather, I’m very engaged as a Strategic Planning Associate at the University of Ottawa and as a consultant with several other organizations across Canada, including foundations, nonprofits and post-secondary educational institutions. In addition, I serve as a mentor to a number of emerging leaders, which proves to be very rewarding.

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